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Support of the structuring of the softwoods industry in West Brittany Center

SITCOB is a French cluster, created in 2010, composed of prescribers, such as architects, people from forest planning, forest planting, harvesting, transport, processing and building industries. In its area, there are 45,000 ha plantation which represents 15% of the land, mainly of private property. The dominant species is Sitka Spruce (about 15,000 ha which reprensent 3/4 of the Breton resources).


The plantations have been made in the 1960s so they are now mature and the sawmills (which make pallets and little construction timber) have to adapt their tools to process bigger trees and get better efficiency to meet the strong demand of the local construction market. Indeed, Breton Sitka Spruce could substitute for a part of the imported timber from Scandinavia or Russia because, for the moment, importation represents 80% of the timber used in Brittany. However, currently, that raw material is used for 80% in the pallets industry and for 20% in the building industry (studs for timber frame market).

Professionnals would like to develop the offer of construction products made of homegrown softwoods, specially Sitka spruce, for the local market. That is why they created SITCOB in May 2010. Alain Guenver, CEO of MCA SCOP, is the Chairman of the association.

The three objectives of the wood cluster SITCOB are :

  • Perpetuate the Breton softwoods resources,
  • Increase the use of homegrown softwoods in building, and
  • Support the companies in the improvement of their competitiveness.

 If adding value to that local resources concerns you, join them in SITCOB.

Contact :


Tél. : +33 (0)2 98 86 96 39


Read "The Sitka's letter" to know the news of the association and learn more about Sitka Spruce and its uses.


La lettre du Sitka - Janvier 2011 - n°0 (pdf - 2,21 Mo)
La lettre du Sitka - Mai 2011 - n°1 (pdf - 3,14 Mo)
La lettre du Sitka - Septembre 2011 - n°2 (pdf - 3,36 Mo)
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